Geometry COMP particle system / Kinect Azure Crashes


I’m going to try to hit two birds with one stone in this post.

  1. I’m using a kinect Azure to create a point cloud and wanted to generate a particle system from the point cloud, but I can only figure out how to generate a particle system from the sphere I’m using as instance geometry. Is there any way to make a particle system from the resulting point cloud, or treat that point cloud as a mesh? I’ve seen this done with GLSL but no tutorials on how the GLSL is actually written. Any tutorials appreciated!

  2. When I open a Kinect Azure Player Index camera TD crashes without errors. Same with the Azure CHOP. Do I need the full license to use these functions or is there something wrong with my kinect? I have the latest version of TD (educational license) and am running windows 10/intel i9/gtx1080 Alienware.

thank you!

Kinect Azure TOP crashes TD as well. I’m on version 2020.20625

Sorry for the problems. Unfortunately I don’t have a Kinect Azure on site at the moment to test, but if you can send any dump files to I might be able to figure out where the crash is happening. Dump files zip quite well if you’re finding the files too large to send.

@desertbeaver Regarding creating a mesh from a Kinect point cloud: we don’t currently have a great system for converting a Kinect Point cloud into a SOP particle system since this requires moving the point cloud from the GPU onto the CPU which would slow things down considerably.

For a good example on how to use TOP point clouds as particles, you might want to check out the particlesGpu example in the Tools folder in the Palette. This example shows how to add additional movement and effects to a point cloud.

If you do need to convert a point cloud into a SOP, you can do it by going through CHOPs e.g. Kinect Azure -> TOP to CHOP -> CHOP to SOP.