Geometry shaders in 2019 builds


Lots of my geometry shaders don’t render since the new 2019 builds. It says that it has compiled successfully but I don’t see anything showing up in the GLSL MAT and in the render TOP.

I don’t see any any warnings in the backwards compatibility sections of the release notes that can be the cause of the problem.

Is there any general update how geometry shaders are managed?



Shouldn’t be any changes required, can you share an example and we can fix it?


Ok so there is a change required, sorry about that. Lines are now sent to you using lines_adjacency instead of just lines. This means you get 4 vertices as input into the geometry shader:
[previous, currentStart, currentEnd, next]

So your ‘real’ line is currentStart to currentEnd, and the other two are adjacency information which can be used to further control what you are outputting.

I’m looking into if there is a way to make this backwards compatible.

This is really good to know. Thanks!