Geometry viewer and 3dconnexion Spacemouse

How lovely & time saving it would be if the TD Geometry Viewer (alt+3) supported the 3dconnexion Space Navigator. I’m sitting in our studio as the lonely TD guy looking very jealous at all the 3D Max guys around me flying effortless through&around their work…

Or - as the Space Navigator is already working as a joystick in TD - can someone point me in the right direction how to hack into controlling the viewpoint of the Geometry Viewer.

+1 for spacenavigator support on Geo viewer!

bumping this request as it would make my every working day in TD more efficient

+1 for navigating space

+1000 for navigating space

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We are currently working on 3dconnexion spacemouse. It will be in our experimental builds, but I’m not certain about the exact date.

+1 !!!

It would also be great to use this to scroll the td networks where up/down/left/right scroll around the network, and pushing in/out (z axis) zooms the network.