Get TOP *actual* Pixel Format

Not talking about “op.par.format” since that only returns the parameter field set for an OP which in many cases will be “Same as input”.

I would like to get the same info present when middle clicking any TOP and seeing the actual pixel format.

To give you an example why I think this would be extremely useful (other than just “why not”):

I’m developing a custom component which only works if you input a texture with an alpha channel. I could force the format internally to something (say rgba32float) but I’d rather take whatever format the user has (say rgb8int) and change the format to its alpha variant (so making it rgba8int), thus keeping the control of the most important aspect for the user, and being able to fulfill the alpha requirement of my component internally.

I’m sure there are other use-cases for troubleshooting, etc and it just seems like it should be there in python since we can access this info with a middle click.


Great suggestion, I’ve added it to my todo


Hi :slight_smile:
I have the same problem, is there a new feature to help me ?

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