Get tox's location on pc

Hi! I have a question about tox. I add tox file to my project and I would like to get location of that on my pc (“14:47:48 D:/OneDrive/Downloads/saver.tox loaded into COMP /project1/saver”). How I can do that?

Hi @max_madweed,

in case you just drag the tox into TouchDesigner or loaded it via r-click and “Add Component from tox”, then there is no connection between the tox on disc and the component in TouchDesigner.

You can though, reference a external tox for a component on the Common Page of the COMP’s parameters, Here you also have the option to decide of the tox should be reloaded on start etc. You have to be careful though: any changes to the component will not automatically be saved into the referenced tox - these changes are lost if “Reload .tox on Start” is enabled.

There are some tools available from the community that deal with external toxs and versioning and I would just point to this article by @raganmd:

Hope this helps


Oh, thanks for your answer!