Getting a rectangle - TOP into 3D space


I made some experiment with rectangle TOPs displacing them, but I cannot bring them into the 3D space.
I want to animate them in 3D.
How do I do that elegantly?
I tried with trace and than into the SOP world, but that eats up my CPU…
Please advice me.

In 3D you can use a rectangle SOP. You’d then connect this to a geometry COMP. You can then apply your TOP as a texture with a constant or phong MAT.

Thanks, that worked. But I need a lot of geos :wink:
Does the 2D rectangle TOP have the same dimensions than the rectangle SOP? Or is it in some way distorted onto the TOP?

Have you looked at instancing for this? If you’re working with lots of images that might be an interesting direction for you to move.

Hi, thanks.
Yes I did and it is great. But not in this case. I have a lot of 2D rectangle TOPs that are displaced by a noise. And then I want to bring them all into 3D space as different (= no instancing ?) layers.

Do you mean each instance with it’s own image? You can definitely do that with instancing :slight_smile:

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Yeah! but ???
Can you please show me the way.
There is so much to learn. WOW.
But I am getting there.

There’s a whole collection of instancing examples that you can download here:

You can read more about the instancing explorer and how it works here:

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T H A N K you so much. Now I know what to do the next month :wink:

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