Getting Mouse Position from trigger/ at certain point in time

Hi people,

I’m trying to get the mouse position at a certain point in time.

Background: I’m driving an interactive projection with and LFO, that pulses
a ring every 4 seconds. (A ring growing from 0 - 0.5r every 4 sec), following the tutorial from
Bruno Imbrizi (/watch?v=6mMrd5whOJ4).
I’m using the rings, to drive a displacement.

Im trying to let the ring grow from the current mouse position, when the ring appears.
Since a simple transform would keep the ring moving with the mouse also after it is
born, im trying to store the mouse position.

Im sure there is a pretty simple solution, but im still new in TD and can’t come up with it myself.

i hope i postet this to the right section, it is my first post on the forum.

Hi @Jacob_sch,

there is a fairly old, but very valid example file for what you are trying to do. It is making use of the Event CHOP (check the OP Snippets to get an idea what it can do)
The idea is that the Event CHOP can store input values per triggered event. So these values can be mouse coordinates or color or any other kind of channel value.
You can then make use of these values while the event is still active for example by controlling the position of a circle.
The Event CHOP acts like a trigger with full adsr control. As you can trigger as many events as you like and they are being accumulated as samples in channels, it is ideal to be used with instancing.

Hope this helps and the file can be used as a good quide
EventChop.toe (7.1 KB)

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Yes this is exactly what im looking for, thank you!

The Multi Touch In DAT an be used with a mouse and panel and it gives/holds the clicked position and time elapsed while the mouse is down. The Event CHOP is great for this too.