Getting the 2D map of a 3D object

I am trying to create a 2D map to be used to texture a 3D object I created in Blender so I can then create visuals to use for a projection mapping project (I am using the CamSchnappr node in TouchDesigner to achieve this.) I’ve been trying to create a 2D map for a couple of days using different techniques: Blender UV mapping, UV mapping in TouchDesigner, etc. but I cannot figure out how to get a 2d map that will allow me to place something on each individual face of each cube instead of the visuals getting repeated over multiple cubes. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I advise to make the UV map for your model in blender, and then re-export the 3d model from Blender (now including correct UV coordinates) into TouchDesigner. Also you export the UV-map from Blender into an image file (such as PNG). Then in TD, you composite video footage over the uv-map image, so you know which part of the footage ends up where on the 3d model as a texture. Then apply the endresult as a texture to your model. Many tutorials online for uv-mapping in Blender, try this one:

(so the part from 28:00 and after, where a texture is fitted into the uv-map image, would be done in TouchDesigner)

Using this video I figured it out. Thanks for being cool !!