Give every OP a consistent ID

It would be good if every Operator gets a unique ID (uuid) consitent over Saves and exporting and import, to be accessable via this ID. (Like an OP-Shortcut).


Hi, not sure how RFEs work, but im putting in a +1 here :slight_smile:

+1 For this! Would facilitate greatly the creation of dynamic systems with user-free reliable referencing.

This is something we’re looking at in regards to the new file format to help with matching and merging nodes; however, there are still a lot of issues to investigate with it so I can’t say for sure yet whether it will happen.


+1 from me. I think it is an important future that should be in the base implementation. I did my own system which generates GUID behind the scenes based on the number of child nodes, network structure, and other attributes. It works but I believe a native solution will be amazing.

It might be good to expand on how you all imagine you would use such a UUID. If you use it for referencing, this could be frought with issues. For example, you have a component using these IDs for some reference, as soon as you copy and paste, or import into a different project, those IDs would change.
Whenever we discuss this, this is the main issue. So how do you see UUID being useful when making copies and merging projects/.toxs?