Glitching / flickering / empty geometry viewer [2022.26590][MacOS-Monterey12.5-Intel]


  • Add any SOP generator to network (try box or sphere)
  • Add a second SOP generator to network (and third, fourth, etc.)

The geometry viewer of all nodes added after the first node will flicker or simply show up as empty.
If you don’t see it immediately, try panning/zooming slightly around the network editor, keeping the nodes in view. Once they begin flickering or showing blank, you can’t get them to stop.

Note: This also happens with 3D Object COMPS (try adding Geo then Cam and Light)


Same issue here on Catalina 10.15.7 Intel.

Confirming the same glitchy behavior. Same specs as jessehale: Monteray 12.5-Intel, v2022.26590.