GLSL multi top input limitation

Does the GLSL multi top has any limitation in the number of input supported ?
It seems that I encounter strange behaviour with more than 30 inputs .



Hi xavier,

Not sure what’s the actually limit (could be perhaps depending of your video card). Though you could put some texture inputs in a texture3D and pass it as 1 sampler. It’s definitely possible to input a sampler with more than 30 depths channels.

Hope it helps.


It’s GPU dependent, but its usually around 16 or 32 is the limit of textures that can be used at one time.

The glslmulti doesn’t accept texture 3d as a standard top input r
Correct? Only accessible through glsl shaders?

Or am I mistaken on that?

Not sure what you mean… The GLSL multi TOP is TOP element to inject a glsl shader. (multi meaning more inputs than the regular glsl top which has only 3).
You can just input a texture3d and sampler it inside your shader using the sTD3DInputs[] samplers.

See also: … a_GLSL_TOP

Sorry for reviving an old thread, but I was wondering, if there is a way to get the maximum number of inputs, supported by the graphics card?
I was looking through the variables, but couldn’t find it.

Cheers, David

This hasn’t been exposed, though it is technically possible. We’ve added it as an RFE.

Thank you for adding it as an RFE.
I think it would be very useful.