GLSL particles/fluid update

Starting my new year’s resolutions in advance, finally getting back into my GLSL particles/fluid in touch.

Some teasers :

1 million+ particles advected by a 3d fluid

Plugging in hardware instancing

Merry Christmas!

Ok, you are officially back on the NICE list!!


this is incredible :open_mouth:

Rod, he was on the naughty list???

nah, he’s always been nice, just needed listing!


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

RnD continued, playing with geometry shader sprites now

Kinda makes me want to an underwater scene :wink:

And these days I’m really excited about Nvidia FleX solver :

Tentacles! … =2&theater



so cool :smiley:

This is inspiring,
Thanks Vinz!

That’s really cool!

Rad, great work! How do you get at the Nvidia Flex solvers from Touch Designer? Would you do a tutorial?

Wow Awesome Work!!! Looking Forward For a Tutorial…!!!