GLSL TOP - Compute Shader - Feedback Loop without Feedback Top

hi. ive an Example of a little GLSL Net with Feedback, where i try to do the Feedback inside the Shader. It works - but i can’t figure out, why the initial_position does not work, when i read it from texelFetch(Inpu[0]… ) . From Input[1] it works, even, if its the same Data, coming in …

line 29 and 43

simulation1.tox (4.0 KB)

Hi there,

It’s because you’re using multiple passes to run your compute shader. When you have more than 1 pass (you have it set to 50), the output of the first pass will go into the second path as first input. So sTD2DInputs[0] would be the output of the pass before. Not sure you need multiple passes, if not, setting the parameter in the ‘Common’ page to 1, will make it work agian.


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