GLSL TOP doesn't output 3d texture

I was almost confident enough to post this in bugs, but not quite.
Ok, pretty sure this is a bug.

Lay down a GLSL TOP,
Change Output Type to 3d Texture,
Change Depth to Custom,

And see how it only outputs white on the last slice?

Looks like 2d texture array outputs on all slices though.

TD 2022.28040 / Windows 10 / GTX 1080 516.59

Hey @ianl

Thanks for the report.

I’ve logged an issue for a developer to look into it.


I’m not able to reproduce the issue, are you able to post a screenshot/.toe file?

Here is a completely blank .toe with just a GLSL Top:

Also just updated nvidia to 516.94 to be sure.

glsl_TOP_3d_texture.toe (4.0 KB)

Edit: you should see white on every output by default, right?

Yes correct, every slice should be white. I can see it’s wrong in your video. I’ll need to try to find a GPU to reproduce it here. Thanks