Good External HDMI Capture Device advice for Touch

NDI out → network out to another computer just for recording?

Thanks a lot for the replies guys!

I took @gordharris advise and tried optimizing once more, as well with the probe tool again. I saw that the bottleneck in my network was that I was resetting feedback loops on the midi triggers, to create an effect, this actually dropped the FPS a lot. I turned this off and recorded my output on 30fps instead of 60fps (was gonna export it later anyway to 30 fps) and then I was able to make it work luckily.

I’m gonna keep this forum thread tucked in whenever I’m facing a problem like this again.

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I tried this, but it was super laggy. Maybe it works better when you’re connected with a LAN cable to both computers, but I wasn’t able to do that in this moment.

…NDI (or anything really) over Wifi is generally a really bad idea… I’m using 4 720p NDI streams coming from Raspberry Pi camera’s over a wired Gbit LAN connection with max 3-5 frames lag in a live music setup. If you’re just recording out the video for a registration, lag isn’t much of an issue anyway (as long as it’s consistent), you can always sync up the recorded audio afterward.

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Yeah true, I will try a LAN connection the next time I’m having this issue