Google Calendar API Integration?

I have been mainly working on permanent installations for corporate clients, some of whom arn’t particularly tech savvy. I have built a few different schedulers in a few different ways, but they always feel too hacked together for the non technical clients.

I keep having this dream about using a google calendar to schedule content. You could make an “event” that would trigger some video or whatever. I found the python API, that I’m starting to poke at.

Anyway, before I start making it myself, have any of you tried? Are there any reasons this is an awful idea?

The Problem you will have with the API is probably that you cannot react to changes in the calender directly without regulary polling the information. Instead I would use a NodeJS Server with a webhook setup, propagating changes via socketIO to the installation.
But using Calender for this is somewhat super hacky. You have no direct access to what the user writes in, cannot make demands to formatting etc, so this will probably result in to much that could go wrong.

Thanks so much for the suggestion.

Its true that its a bit hacky, but i can easily create a spreadsheet in google sheets that has the names of specific states and have my clients just name an event that name. The people im dealing with understand the google ecosystem. Im trying to play into that a little bit.