Google Maps API integration with touchdesigner

Hello everyone!

I have been learning TouchDesigner for less than a year now so I am still fairly new to this. I saw this video recently about a blender plugin which integrates Google Maps API to generate 3d geometry of the city in the software.

Has anyone built anything like this for TouchDesigner? If not, I would love some ideas and suggestions on what the process/workflow might look like!

Thank you all in advance <3

According to the Tileset spec (ie. what’s returned from the Maps Web API request) it is returned in a glTF format. Because we don’t natively support importing of glTF, it could be a challenging task getting this into a format that can be rendered in TouchDesigner.

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hello! thank you so much for your response.

i found that the python aspose library can help convert gITF files to OBJ format.

is this something that could work with what i am trying to do?

I’ve never used it before so I can’t comment on the quality/speed of the conversion, but at a glance it seems like it would work. The File In SOP .obj import doesn’t handle materials so you may run into issues there. You may be better off converting to FBX/USD.