Gpu and cpu at 5 % but huge fps drops for simple patchs

Hi everyone,
I’ve been struggling all night over this :slight_smile:

Problem :
I am develloping a mixing network for generative patches during the last 2 month and the gig is finnaly next week.
All was going fine, running image instances and noise displacing at 1920 p without any problem. But since last night, my fps are dropping at 10, with a simple 400 particles system, but my GPU an CPU are doing fine.
(as a new user on the forum I can’t already post screenshots )

Things I tried :
Reboot system several times,
Reinstalling the oldest Nvidia drivers and then go back to the current one,
Reinstalling latest TD build,
Reducing resolution (very slight improvement but still way far that the thing i can run usually),
Deactivating windows Hardware acceleration,
Scripting value changes when CHOP are timeslicing and some other things.

Build - 2022.33910 educative
Windows 10
Intel I7 6700
Nvidia 3060Ti (brand new)

Here is the complete patch:

(can’t post the toe either ^^')

I hope Somebody could help thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @Sugeon

You should be able to post your files now.

Make sure you are using the very latest Nvidia driver version.

Is the machine custom built ? Can you share the complete specs ?


When you start a new TD project witb the default startup project, do you still get 60fps?

Not really i was around 55 most of the time and yes the nvidia driver was the last available.
After several tries, my GPU stopped outputing on the screen randomly.

I just reset my Windows at default but know I cannot transfer my licence anymore ^^’
I sent an email to support to ask them for an exception.

But anyway thank both of you for responding so quickly, I just had to many different issues around my computer for it to be only about touchdesigner related.