GPU cook time.

Hi there,
Maybe it will be nice to have gpu cooktime in the info chop for top\gpu usage nodes.


I feel like this could be a rather difficult feature to add, given how the GPU operates in such a parallel manner. It would be cool to see maybe the longest process on a GPU, or maybe be able to add together the parallel operations’ times to see how long a render chain takes to process.

hey kd5snu, the feature was already added a few releases ago - if you middle click on a TOP you 'll see the GPU cook time next to the CPU cook time. Now Barakooda’s RFE is just to add that existing info to an Info CHOP.

+1 would love to have GPU cook_time read out in the Info Chop.

I love connecting the Info Chop with cook_time selected to a Trail Chop and watching when spikes happen.

GPU cook time is not an Info CHOP channel yet, but it is a python member. Check here, we’ll make sure it’s up to date:

OP Find DAT was amended recently to include collections of cook times for CPU and GPU and other stats. See its Channels page.

All for the purpose of the new “probe” in the palette that lets you watch all this stuff live, using these new OP Find DAT features.

Sorry to necro, but is the addition of GPU COOK TIME to Info CHOP being considered? It would be very useful, because the Probe palette doesn’t let me monitor a single node’s gpu cook time unless I’m hovering over it with the mouse. I’d like to be able to monitor the GPU cook time with a Trail CHOP while I tweak parameters.

As a workaround instead of an Info CHOP, as Greg said above gpuCookTime and childrenGPUCookTime are members of the Op Class. So you can use these in a Constant CHOP to make the value of the channel an expression with one of these members, and then connect your Trail CHOP to that.

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@nettoyeur one issue I’ve found with this is that is that reading both cpuCookTime and gpuCookTime with a constant don’t repeatedly cook; it just pulls in the times once. A work around I’ve found for now is to make the constant chops value be op('render1').childrenCPUCookTime + absTime.frame - absTime.frame which then forces it to cook every frame.

I make an animated Ramp TOP and in a Constant CHOP I put the value expression: op(‘ramp1’).gpuCookTime

It changes always, so not sure your usage case. Same with op(‘ramp1’).cpuCookTime. When I leave the network ramp1 stops cooking and the times does not change, which is expected. Similar thing when I use an OP Find DAT with those columns turned on and Active Cook Always is on.

Hey @greg, you’re right. I tried out in a totally new file and it cooks correctly. The other file I had tried this in must have had something weird with how it was set up. Will post an example if I can reproduce in a new file. Thanks!