GPU Particles bounce upon Kinect Azure Contact


This community has been super helpful and i’m super appreciative of all the responses i’ve gotten on different topics ranging from hardware to job posts.

I had a question regarding GPU particles and Azure Kinect.

I am trying to make rain bounce off of a person as they are in front of the kinect. I’m using the optical flow + particlesGPU to accomplish this.

Right now I currently am able to integrate the movement of the user’s player ID to move the particles around, however this isn’t exactly what I have in mind (i’ve attached some images).

Indae Hwang created a spectacular example of this, however when I increase the particle count, his project slows down considerably (down to 15/16 fps on 2080ti)

Any help is appreciated!

Also, not sure if this is is common but this just occurred when I saved this project. When I went to re-open, all progress was lost.

For the second issue, you might be running into the old Windows 10 file path character limit. Are you on Windows 10 Home or Pro? Pro sorted this our a couple of years back, but for Home users you need to manually enable it in the registry apparently.