GPU TOP ops and Pallette

It would be super cool if we could have more tools to conceptulize and understand how to use RGBA data for TOPs for tx, ty, tz data or other things. Stuff nenome beauton, paketa, and supermarket sallads use tops for. I feel like if it were more accessible, or if there were new pallette/operators available for us to have more tools with this, we all could be building so many cool visuals. Maybe there are new operators that can make this easier, even for the pros at it?

Example what I’m talking about:

If there was a folder that had a bunch of common techniques for things like this - right now, many of the tutorials are using similar techniques and it’s a handful of tops in a very specific order and very specific settings. And it’d be nice if these were in the pallete. Or what if there was a new section of TOPS that was created specifically for these types of manipulations. I just think for visuals, these have some of the most potential but it takes a little wizardry to navigate. It’d be nice if derivative created some shortcuts and easier ways to manipulate it.