Grid-EYE Infrared Array Panasonic

Does anyone have any experience with this product?
I am interested in implementing it on large-scale project in which I would detect bodies moving past a screen for an interactive experience.
The client is not very keen on having cameras in the space. Are cameras easier to work with? How much of an overhead do you think trying to implement the infrared method would bring?
Any advice would be helpful.

@mickeyvanolst might be able to assist you !

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Prrr, yeah not all that different from what we did for this project Mickey van Olst – Reclaim Wonder

We created custom housings with wifi-enabled ESP32’s that connected to a small ToF array sensor. Given its QWIIC it should at least save you from a bit of soldering.

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Thanks for responding. From what I can see the ToF array sensor can give a more accurate information about the position of a body in space while the Grid-Eye Infrared can give like a presence information on a grid plus general movement.
Do you think for the example you posted this Infrared array breakout could have had the same results?
The interaction for my project would be more or less the same, actually more simplified since it’s just a extra wide big screen in a hallway in front of which people would pass by.

This is what we used back then.

The technique uses ToF, which is more like how a kinect works, than how an infrared camera works. Generally infrafred cameras have higher latency and they don’t detect distance (which ToF does) but temperature.

It really depends on your project and use case what to go for I’d say.