Handling Dynamic Blob Data

I’m having trouble understanding how to deal with handling dynamic blob data (dynamic data generally). I can successfully retrieve the data, convert to CHOP, and filter but the problem is the ‘CHOP : Chan’ Values just disappear when a blob is not detected.

Currently my data (for example) goes from something like ‘0.5’ to ‘nothing’ to ‘.001’ to ‘nothing’ to ‘.25’ due to the values disappearing.

What I would like to do is if the value disappears for it to interpolate to a new value so it smoothly goes from value to value even if the CHOP Chan disappears.

Appreciate any help!
Blob_Test.toe (5.63 KB)

You can use a Constant CHOP with the default channels and values, and a Replace CHOP to update those defaults with any live data when available. The Filter CHOP after that (which you already had) takes care of the smooth interpolation.
Blob_Test_replace.toe (5.74 KB)