HAP + SMPTE Timecode

Does anyone know if a video converted to HAP retains its embedded SMPTE Timecode?

You need to be more precise.
– which source of TC, Camera? Sync device? Sound Software?
– what is the kind of TC? : MTC? LTC? Quicktime metadata?
– which sort of HAP? : Quicktime? AVI?
– What you want to do with TC?
I use a lot TC (mainly LTC) in TD and the best way (for me) is to add a sound track with a LTC sound (produced in TD or in Horae), so you can send it to another app, to another computer and you are sure its always in sync.
For example, you can add a LTC track in Ableton Live, so your TD process can be in sync mith the music, using Ltcin chop.
In video file, TC is only a metadata, saying “this clip begin at xx:xx:xx:xx and playing at xx fps”, so the software calculate the actual TC, counting the frames. You can have it with HAP as with any other codec.