Hardware for Video installation

Hello everyone,
I am relatively new to touchdesigner and completely new to video installations. For my diploma project at my art academy, I am planing to do a video installation. The plan is to have one big Screen with some sort of user interface or home screen, where you could choose between 4 different videos. Because unfortunately I don’t know my way around technically at all, I’m now wondering how I can best implement this: The screen has no touch function. So I would need some clever idea how the viewer can select between the movies. For example, I would have a tablet that could be used in addition to select, but I have no idea how to implement this? Are there tutorials somewhere about that or do you have a different idea? Thanks a lot!

Hey @Andygrammel,

Many ways to do this. For a beginner, an easy start could be to use the TouchOSC app on a phone or tablet and use it to control TD.
If you enter the searchterm “touchosc” on https://alltd.org/ you’ll find several tutorials.

Hey @nettoyeur ,
thanks, i will have a look at that!
Maybe I need to add that there will probably be no wifi at the exhibition site. Also, it would be important for the project that the user interface is customizable (also e.g. on an additional tablet), so colors, font etc. can be determined by myself.