Hardware recommendation for playback with Azure Kinect

This is unknown territory for me.
Putting together a proposal for multiple installations that would be running the TouchDesigner player and also connected to Azure Kinect devices.

My understanding is that the Azure Kinect benefits from higher end Nvidia GPU’s for body tracking.
I’m guessing that i7 NUC devices won’t be sufficient.
In terms of cost effectiveness, can anyone make a recommendation for minimum hardware configuration for playback?

according to the Kinect Azure TOP wiki page:

An NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1070 or better graphics card is required to obtain efficient body tracking data from the camera, although a CPU-only mode can be enabled using the parameters.

These are the system specs that microsoft recommends (note that you do not need to install the SDK to use the Kinect Azure with TouchDesigner)

An Nvidia graphics card with CUDA support is required for any practical use of the the body tracking data. A CPU-only mode is supported, but it is very slow and really only practical for testing.

The other requirement to look out for is the USB chipset that is mentioned in the bottom of the article. It has to be USB 3 and some chipsets are not supported.