Has anyone looked into tilt five AR?

Has anyone looked into TiltFive AR? Could be interesting to add to TD support. Multiple headsets on the same PC. https://www.tiltfive.com/

Yes, I own one and have been wanting to create a pipeline for TD. One caveat: while multiple headsets may be supported, last I checked the driver does not support multiple wands simultaneously. So interaction is currently limited.

The driver sends all graphics information via USB, so the rendering workflow is altered a bit - but now that they’ve release a native development kit it should be possible to build something for TD.

It’s been a while since this topic came up, and I’ve been fiddling with a custom C++ op for the TiltFive. Just wondering if either of you got anywhere with developing an operator for the unit?

I’ve managed to get Glasses Pose data reporting back in C++, just trying to get the Vec3 for the glasses position and Quaternion for the gameboard pulling in as CHOP data. Not so interested in the wand right now, but I’d love to be able to render something on the glasses. I can share my ugly attempt at coding it if anyone is interested in helping out.

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I haven’t pursued it given the limits of the previous SDK, but have been thinking about picking this up now that they’ve finally released v1.3.0.

Happy to work with you on this, perhaps we can set up a GitHub repo and collaborate there.

This repo is a mess at this stage, but I’ll be pushing my updates here. GitHub - eightlines/TiltFive_CHOP: TiltFive NDK for TouchDesigner

Still figuring this out, but I’ve been getting the values in the console window, now trying to push it to Touch. Just working with the NDK C++ Sample and merging it into the Touch C++ template.

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Thanks for posting, I’ll take a look when I have some time next week.