Hashtag API data (access to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc...)

I’m looking at doing some data visualizations of popular instagram/facebook/etc. hashtags. How would I go about getting this data (or is this data even accessible?). I’ve been using the Web DAT to get weather data, and currency data thus far.

at least for Instagram you can get some data via parsing the actual webpage with a regex. For FB search for the term “rest API”. You will need to create an App in the FB dev environment

Hey @philrock,

this forum discussion:

has detailed instructions on how to setup a twitter app, and further down also information on the process for facebook.

The attached component now does the rest for twitter using the WebClient DAT. You just need to supply all the OAuth information.

twitterStream.tox (7.5 KB)

Gave this a shot.
Got the Twitter App part done online, but the TD .tox has errors, Ex. object has no parameter request. I tried updating my components, but that just created more errors.

Hi @philrock,

what TouchDesigner version are you running this with and can you post the errors or a screenshot of the errors? When did the error occur?


I ran a Twitter stream that quoted twitterStream.tox.
Is it possible to display the hashtag of the configuration using the function of the accessory?
I’m happy to tell you.