Have to reinstall graphic card driver after rebooting

Hi all, I am using an external graphic card with my laptop to run a td file.
Every time I reboot the pc, I have to reinstall the nvidia driver to make it work.
Anyone has idea about why this happened and any solution to it?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @akihiko,
best to contact the system maker or try to find help on forums related to their hardware.
Out of interest, what is your setup (model of laptop and model of external enclosure and video card)


o sorry for posting at a wrong place.
I am using razer blade with a razer core and an nvidia 2080ti.

Hm, I had initial trouble with this setup as well. What helped in the end was uninstalling the video card driver first and then doing a fresh install.
Select “Custom” when installing the driver and then check the “Clean Install” option.

If this doesn’t work it’s best to contact Razer - I spend some time on the phone with them to solve it.