Having problems initialing Nividia

This is one Windows 11 with a GeForce 4080 graphic card. Tested on the 64-bit build 2022.31030. I reinstalled it a couple times with no luck. Even switched to studio drivers.

Hey @clarencedude

Thanks for the report.

Unfortunately our internal Nvidia libraries are not quite yet updated to support the 40xx series.

We are working on a solution internally and we will keep you updated when a fix is available.


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Specifically this is just for some of the AI tools from Nvidia. The 4000 series should work for most features.

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Thank you for the update. I hope the newer versions will support 40xx series.

They will in the future, we’re mostly trying to keep the installer size from totally exploding

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Hey Captains,
Is there any update to the timeline of including the 40 series Nvidia AI AR/Video SDKs?
Just moved over to a 4090 Laptop for my show machine and unfortunately I cannot play back any Notch Blocks that use the Nvidia Background remover tool.
I’ve added a switch to the network on my project to disable the effect but it renders most of the IMAG looks unusable for shows. To clarify everything still runs fine in Notch Builder on this machine.