HDMI or SDI? For output and input

Hi TD Team,

We are running close to 100m of cable from the media room to the projector. Is it recommended to use SDI or HDMI?

Additionally, we are looking to run a video IN to TD as well for live performances. Is there a recommended input for this as well?

Help is appreciated in advanced!!


100m is impossible in HDMI without an extender. HD-SDI can be ok depending on the cable quality. 3G-SDI can be ok but needs some tests. Better use a fiber extender though.

For input (HDMI or SDI), cheapest would be BlackMagic capture cards but latency can be an issue. See AJA, BlueFish or Delstacast for better performances.

NDI can be an option if you are ok with some compression and a bit of latency.


Hi Gallo,

Thanks for your response. If I wanted to run the 3G-SDI would this Blue Fish work - EPOCH | 4K NEUTRON ? (Based on documentation it looks OK).

Why would fiber be better than 3G-SDI?

So you know, we are running resolution of 1920x1200 for one Epson projector.


Fiber optic is better as it is not prone to electrical perturbations and signal drop. Multimode fiber optic can do 300m and Monomode can do kilometers.

Be aware that SDI is a broadcast signal and as such is limited to SMPTE formats so 16:9 only HD / Full HD / 4K… You won’t be able to operate at 16:10 native resolution.

@gallo, Thanks for your help. I spoke with the projector rep (Epson), they claimed that as long as the input had SDI out, it could take any resolution the computer was spitting out. Hearing that, I was skeptical based on this conversation and my other research. I read further into the projector documentation and it specifically lists out the resolutions for SDI and it only states the standard 16:9 resolutions.


SMPTE SDI is definitely 16/9 only in SDTV or HDTV
Maybe you can find 16/10 over SDI but it won’t be standard SDI. Those are usually proprietary formats like Barco Link or HDLink, but you will need compatible hardware on both side.
You should go fiber or HDBaseT (lots of new projectors are compatible)

HDBaseT sends HDMI-like signals over Ethernet cable and has a range of 100m
Many projectors (including Epson) already have HDBaseT inputs, if so, you would just need transceivers for the media server room side. There are many options out there from respected brands for quite low prices (e.g. ~<100 USD per signal line is possible)

we have good experience with thees Fiber HDMI and they are relatively inexpensive
a lot of places sell this same type under their own brand

This looks really good. However, it looks very thick and we need everything to fit everything in a conduit channel.

You can also use Fibre Extenders with ports and some regular installation Fibre cables