Headset for XR performance

Hi people!

Thanks for all the ressources already available. I am currently playing around creating an XR “video clip”; my current setup is using an oculus quest 2 but I will buy one of the new generation headset.
Do you have any advice between the HTC Vice XR elite or the oculus quest Pro in regards of the compatibility (present and future) with TouchDesigner ?
I would love to use the passthrough feature in one of these headsets to design my experience, has anyone been able to achieve that ? (Thinking about comp the XR experience over the original video but didn’t found how to get the Oculus Quest 2 cameras into DeviceIn). Do I need to attach an external camera on top on my Headset for it to work, as Dylan Roscover is doing in his tutorial “Augmented reality in TouchDesigner tutorial with Dylan Roscover - YouTube”?

Thank you for your time,