Heavy overcooking when replicating

overcook.toe (5.8 KB)
Win10, RTX6000, latest official

Stupid example, but it shows the issue. Open the file and check the cook count for all replicted ops
→ its already at 4 on file open , I would expect they only cooked once

Now hit “recreate all operators” on replicator1
→ the first replicant now has a cook count of 33, the second of 32, …

It also seems that the replicator itself is cooked twice whenever it is triggered

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Hey @Achim

Thanks for the sample.

I’m having a look.


Yeah I see all this.

It could be due to many factors and I know we have a branch internally where a lot of work is being done regarding layout optimizations…

I’m going to log an issue for a dev to look into it and see if there is room for improvement in that specific case.


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