HEELLPP ! Move a metaball with the webcam

I am currently facing a big problem. I made a small interface where a metaball that moves with the movement of the mouse cursor (mousein chop) crosses a curtain of wires, making it wavy when it cross it.
I would like to project this visual on a wall, and with the help of a kinect or my webcam, make this metaball move but this time with the movement of the people who will pass in front of this wall.

I’ve tried with “videodevicein top” -> Level (just my face appear_ all black background) -> Hsvadj -> lumalevel -> threash -> blur -> tile (here, there’s just a vertical white bar that moves with my head) – > ?
And in the other way I have my metaball -> force -> transform

How can I do a link between these two block ? Maybe there is easier way to do that ?

Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

PS : Sorry for my grammar, I don’t speak very good english :stuck_out_tongue: