Help: Audio File Out with time/date on the file name + custom path

These are two issues related to the same parameter file:

  1. I’m trying to automate naming audio files with current time/date


  1. Save them to a custom folder, not the one the .toe is in

So far if I want to save all the recordings (not overwrite, Unique Suffix on), I can’t select a custom path and viceversa. I don’t know how to specify a folder path on expression. Also no idea on how to add current time/date.

Any ideas?


EDIT: Timestamp works fine, just missing how to add custom path properly.

I could be wrong but couldn’t you script the path into the name of the file so that it saves to where you’re wanting? Same with the date/time. Use a clock CHOP, pull that value as a string, then add it to the name of the audio file.

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If it’s possible my syntax is wrong.
It worked out pulling the string out of clock, have to do some edits now to adjust the format.

Still stuck with the path scripting.

Thanks for the answer!

I believe in the past I’ve gotten it to work with just a standard file path like C:\Users*\Desktop* in a string format. I’ve been floating between a few programs though, so that might be something I did in a different space, but just thought I’d share just in case!