Help: Changing player id Kinect V2


I am currently working on an installation made for one player using the Kinect V2. However, if more people are in the view of the kinect they will be assigned different player ids (even if the max players in the kinect CHOP is set to 1). The problem occurs once the player 1 leaves the area because the other players retain their ids and the kinect is waiting for the player 1 to return to view.

Is there a way to replace the player ids so that there is always a player 1?
Do you know any workaround I could use?

I was thinking I could set the max players CHOP to a higher number and if the player id 1 is empty then check for player id 2 and so on, however I wouldn’t know how to acheive this. Any help or information to put me on the right track would be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot!

This older post has some clues: Multiple player kinect input control for 3 videos

and this one:TD Kinect Tutorials and Best Practices?

Hope this helps - I am struggling with similar issues…