Help needed creating digital signage visuals for a retail store

Our client has a retail store with a media wall and we are creating and curating the content specifically for the space.

We wanted to be able to have an interactive component from the start, but we had a tight deadline and our content is about 90% comprised of traditional video content so we used Resolume as our media server and playlist. We currently have a hidden mic in the space allowing us to create audio reactive graphics but we are limited to what is able to be done inside of a single Resolume clip.

We have had some success, but we’re also itching to start incorporating TD into the project and want to start spouting in some fun visuals. Because we are using Resolume as the backbone we’re currently looking for someone who is more visual design focused vs architecture minded.

The overall goal is to create some dope sketches that are on brand and driven by audio. I would love to find someone who is passionate about visual design and eager to dive deeper into TD. I don’t see this as being a one-off project as there is potential for this to turn into a long term project.

We are a decentralized, inclusive, mission based, startup, creative agency so location is not important as long as we’re able to find a couple hours of the day where our schedules are able to overlap. We are able to pay an hourly rate of $40 US for the project at hand. We are building the best team of collaborators that are co-creating and constantly evolving. If this resonates with you and you want to grow with us send me a message directly.

Brad Dugdale
Kind of Major
Founder | Director