Help: SocketIO DAT with acknowledgement callback support?


I’ve been using TD lately, and was able to connect to my socket-io v4 server with allowEIO3: true options in sockiet-io docs.

but right now, I am struggles to know if the SocketIO DAT support acknowledgement callback in onRecieveEvent, I know SocketIO DAT is based on socket-io v2 client, so I assume this might be supported. if not is there any alternative TD SocketIO client solutions? or if it did, a simple examples will be much appreciate!!


P.S. May I also suggest to update SocketIO DAT’s docs about this features whether it is support or not?

Acknowledgement callbacks are not something we support but it is something we can add in the future. For now, I’ve updated the docs.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for updating the SocketIO DAT documentation. Although acknowledgement callbacks aren’t supported yet, I appreciate the possibility of this feature in the future. I’ve implemented a workaround using event emit and will continue with the current functionality. Looking forward to future updates.

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