Help switching between two geos

I have two geometries that i want to switch between when turning my ipod touch upside down. I have OSC sorted with all the accelerometers.

I am creating a piece of work for uni with two ipods connected. I have one ipod controlling the geometry around the screen, and the second controlling the colour and change between the two geos.

I have the movement on geo one from the first ipod working and the colour changing from the second ipod. What i need help on is when the second ipod is turned upside down it switches to the second piece of geometry.

Also when the ipod is turned upside down I dont want to be able to control the movement of it anymore is any of this possible?

I have uploaded the file so you can see what i am talking about.

the first piece of geo is called circle
the second piece of geo is called explosion

thanks guys
Circle Rotating.20.toe (9.51 KB)

I have the movement on geo one from the first ipod working and the colour changing from the second ipod. What i need help on is when the second ipod is turned upside down it switches to the second piece of geometry.

—Pretty sure all you need to do is to split the geos up into two render TOPs with seperate cams. Specify ‘circle’ in the first render TOP geo parameter, ‘explosion’ in the second render TOPs geo parameter. attach them to a switch TOP. Use your osc data with a math top to control the switch from index 0 to 1.

Likely a way to do this with a script also…

Hope it helps

I have now put the geos in seperate renders, linked up to a switch. I have added a trigger in the OSC chops as well. I can see that the trigger works when the ipod is tilted. I chop exported it to the switch and can see the index changing between 0 and 1 now. I now dont know how to set it up to change between the geos?

here’s how i usually do it, no need for multiple render TOPs …
switchGeo.toe (5.89 KB)

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thanks, the way you have that set up is doing it automatically? I wanted it so you can change it yourself. I now have it set up swtiching between the geos when turning the ipod upside down or shaking it.

The problem I have now is that my second geometry is a particle system, and i want the particles to start from the beginning whenever i turn the ipod upside down anywhere along the timeline. Is there a way to set this up?

The only way I can think is rendering the video and then importing it back in as a movie in top? but then i dont think i will be able to control the colour if i do it this way?

Sorry for all the questions, I am new to this program and I have to have this project handed in soon, your help is really appreciated.

I have uploaded the file so you can see what I have now
Circle Rotating.30.toe (10.4 KB)

You’ll want change the value of the Reset parameter in the Particle SOP when you turn it on. You can do this using CHOP exporting or a chop() expression. If your not already you’ll want to manipulate your accelerometer channels using things like the Logic or Trigger CHOP. You can turn the values in 0/1s which allow you to drive the Reset parameter and other parameters you may want to turn on or off.

You can use the Render parameter thats on the Display page of the Geometry COMPs to turn on and off rendering the different geos.

thanks, I had a trigger CHOP already, but i changed it to a Logic and it works so much better now. I tried to export the Logic CHOP to the reset parameter in my particle CHOP and it makes half my particles dissappear. I am more than likely doing it wrong, I dont understand too well what you meant.

Its automatic for the testcase, all you have to to is connecting your CHOP which has the channel that is supposed to control the switching into the select2 CHOP in my network. If the channel is 0, you will render geo1, if the channel is 1 you will render geo2. If your geometry COMPs have different names, just change them in the table.

not sure about your particle problem. if you upload a version which shows your particles problem, i can have a look.

Thanks mate, here is my latest version. The OSCIN2 is the CHOP that controls the switching between the two geos. What I want is for the particles (geo2/fire) to reset when triggered if you know what i mean?

Thanks a lot for looking at it, its starting to mess with my head so much now!
Circle Rotating.36.toe (10.6 KB)

have a look at this file. my branch is the one that gets rendered in render3. It should switch geos depending on your osc channel. You’ll have to do the same for switching cameras, but I’ll leave that to you as an exercise. Or you switch using two render TOPs like you currently do it and just use the modifications on the particles.

i also added a reset for the particles. There seems to be something wrong with the particle SOP and the reset parameter, so I used a logic CHOP to create a pulse that resets the particles whenever the switch occurs.
Circle Rotating.37.toe (11.1 KB)

thanks, I have never been taught what DATS are, so I dont know what they do?

Thanks for having a go at the particle reset part, It does reset the particles but not right from the start where they are just a little ball, if that makes sense? It just takes away the drag behind them.

I now have deleted all the cameras except one, and the renders, and it all seems to work fine how i want it to explode. I have also constrained the (Fire) to (Circle) so when the ipod turns it (explodes) triggers where the circle is on the screen instead of the centre every time, is there a way to make the constrain stop as soon as its triggered so it stays fixed to that position?

Is it possible to set it up so when it is triggered, the (fire) geo stays on the screen even when the ipod is turned back to its original position and the (circle) geo appears again. So i could set (fire) geo in another one off in a different place, then add a reset button on the ipod interface that restarts the whole process? If that makes sense?

Here is the file with all the extra bits i didnt need deleted

Thanks for all the help by the way, really appreciate it all! Hope to hear back soon
Circle Rotating.40.toe (10.8 KB)

Great example! I have a project where I have a similar situation and your way of switching between geo’s is very useful!

What about a smooth transition though? How would you go about fading in between switching the 2 geo’s?

This is so super useful. Cheers