Help with configuring parameters simultaneously

Hello everyone, I was wondering if you could help me out starting with this amazing program!

I am messing around, trying to achieve something to make a project with ableton and touchdesigner.
Using GLSL_Kaleidoscope, I want to mirror videos played in it with different parameters. The thing is that, when you increase the kaleido number to odd numbers, the new axis that appears tilts the effect a little bit. I would really like to know how to set like a group of options so that, randomly, each time that the GLSL_Kaleidoscope module is activated (lets say by audio reactivity) it picks a configuration using the number of kaleidoscopes, plus a number that makes the total axis completely vertical (for example, that chooses between 2 kaleido number and Rotate Z 0, Kaleido number 3 and Rotate Z 30, Kaleido number 4 and Rotate Z 0, Kaleido number 5 and Rotate Z 125 etc.).
I have been playing with LFOs and stuff but it seems to me to be a easy answer to this using maybe python languaje which I am not familiar with.

Thank you very much just for reading this, and thank you again if you help me out.

Hey Tsokuma, welcome to the forum!

If I have understood your question, I think that you have to generate a list of presets in which you save certain parameters that you intend to use in your visuals.

There are many ways of making presets.
There’s something already in TD, look in the palette, under techniques.
Otherwise see the file I have attached below.
Presets.toe (4.0 KB)

I have made a list of presets in that table called table_presets, and I am choosing which preset to use by changing the value in the constant_choose_preset.

Let me know if this is what you were after!

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Thank you very much for your help, this is exactly what I needed! With a few changes I was able to fit it to the kaleidoscope operator!
Just one last question if you don’t mind me, because I think that this is the easiest part and I’ll be done with this process: how would you make it so the constant_CHOOSE_PRESET rotates randomly betweeen 2 and 8 (the presets that I have set now) without repeating a value before all are chosen? I have read some posts here but with other situations, but I don’t think I could use here.

Thank you very much in advance, and thank you for the archive!

you could generate a list of random numbers within a certain range avoiding duplicates using some python.

drop a text DAT, and type in:

import random
numbers = range(0, 10)
print(random.sample(numbers, 5))

it will generate a list of 5 random numbers within 0 and 9.

to run the script and see it’s output, open the textport (Alt + t on windows), and run the script by clicking on the text DAT with your script and pressing Ctrl + R (or right click then Run Script).

I hope this helps to get you started.

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Thank you! I’ll give it a try!