Help with findCell eval DAT

Anyone have a hunch as to why the following python script on eval DAT is not working? I don’t see any warnings/errors in the Textport …

1 if op(‘select4’).findCell(‘1 Default Look’) else 0

Thank you in advance!

Hey @cyberpatrolunit,

the value pattern that can be specified in the .findCell() method by default interprets the given string as multiple values when seperated by a space. So for “1 Default Look” it will search for cells that have as a value “1” or “Default” or “Look”.
This behaviour can be changed by setting the valuePattern argument to false.

1 if me.inputs[0].findCell('1 Default Look', valuePattern=False) else 0

Little trick: by using me.inputs[0] you are free to change the Eval DATs first input name or operator without having to change your expression.


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Thank you Mr. Heckmann for the assist !!

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