Help with geometry viewer

Hi guys!
I cannot, for the love of me, figure out how to properly place the camera using the geometry viewer on the camera comp.

I’m following this tutorial and at a moment he says (very fast, like everything else, hehe) “adjust the camera”.

I’ve read through the documentation here but I can’t figure out which option it is that makes the camera follow the objects. I want it to stop following the objects so i can set a view point without the interference of the chaotic particle movement interfering.
Is there a way to do this?

Also sometimes when I move the camera, it just goes back to where it was before, sometimes the camera does not seem to be going around the pivot, even though ive set it to 0,0,0 , sometimes the pivot point changes.

As you can see im lost! any help is much appreciated!

Hi, sorry you’re having difficulty. First thing, which version of TouchDesigner are you using? The camera went through a lot of changes in the new 2021.10000 series compared to the previous official 2020.20000 series so that might affect what you’re seeing.

In that tutorial, when he says “adjust the camera”, all he’s doing is dragging the mouse with one of the buttons down (probably the left) to rotate the view slightly. This technique requires the node to be active (by clicking the ‘+’ in the bottom corner) and then you can manipulate the camera’s view directly and it will automatically update the translate, rotate, scale and pivot parameters to match your changes. How the mouse movements affect the camera is based on the current navigation mode described on that help page.

The default camera doesn’t have any following behaviour, so I’m not too sure what you’re referring to there. For non-camera 3D windows (like the geometry COMP), there is an option for ‘adaptive homing’ in the right-click menu (when the viewer is active), that will cause it to automatically frame the geometry, but camera COMPs don’t have this. Camera’s can be made to follow a target using the ‘Look At’ parameter, but that feature isn’t enabled by default.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have further questions.

Rob, thx for your answer.
I was running a version from the 2020.20000 series, but no i updated to 2021.10330 and the viewer has a much more predictable behaviour.
Can’t really explain what was going on before, but it was as if homing has on all the time i was trying to move the camera and when having moving objects it was deffinitely a pain.

Thanks again!

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