Help with Lag caused by switching container displays

Hi guys,

I’ve created a visual mixer for parameterised audio driven networks I’ve created. The mixer has two separate mixes which can load 3 networks each. The user can switch between the two mixes by clicking on the red boxes. This will switch the area outlined in blue to display the details relevant to the selected mix. While creating this I realised switching between the two mixes caused touch designer to freeze briefly. After a lot of looking around I saw someone mention it may be to do with touch designer having to load the visuals (something about recompiling). I was hoping you could help me understand if this is the case and explain in slightly more detail what is happening.

The first picture is the one I reference above with mix one showing, the second shows the mix two.

Thanks a ton in advance :slight_smile:

Are you doing this with toxes? When you load a tox the contents also load - so geometry, images, and the like will all need to cook. There’s a load on demand flag for toxes that you might consider experimenting with here. Usually in these circumstances I load all the toxes on start and force cook all their contents. That being said, the Engine COMP is a good contender these days for alternatives for the kind of work you’re describing.

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:
I do load all of my toxes from a file when touch opens using a replicator and force them to cook. The output of both mixes are always being played in boxes outlined in red, so I know the toxes that need to be viewed are cooking. The only thing that changes is which mix is displaying the individual toxes it is currently using (i’m changing the display by turning the display parameter for one container off and another on).

I’ve never heard of the engine comp before, I’m gonna look into it, sounds like it could be really useful.