Hiding a specific instance

If my Evaluate DAT x or z values feeding my Geo COMP (tx or tz in the attached image) are equal to 0.0, I need to hide just that instance.

I tried targeting the DAT with an expression from elsewhere to change the x, z values but get an error saying The operator is not editable

Is there any way of hiding an instance other than via the DAT feeding your geo COMP?

Instances now have an active flag - you can use that to hide them.

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Thanks but unless I am creating my instances incorrectly, puzzled how you might target a specific instance. RenderPick CHOP or?


Take a look here. Notice that as you change the value in the table - changing that from 0 to 1 for an instance that it turns on:

base_instancing_active.tox (990 Bytes)

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Great. thank you. Couldn’t find anything in the documentation.

I tried to redo this with my test network, but active doesn’t work there.
flaggingActive.tox (8.3 KB)

Your example works fine.

What do I miss ?

@julien seems like the Line MAT can’t handle this.
I replaced it with a Constant MAT and then it’s working fine.
base-constant.tox (2.8 KB)

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Thanks a lot.
Yes it works fine with constant, with phong too.