Hiding the time panel

Is there a way to hide the timeline panel at the bottom of the UI? My projects generally don’t use the timeline and it takes up screen space in the main window. Also there’s at least some performance cost in it cooking all the time (though not in perform mode).

Not yet but working on it.

+1 for this feature and glad it’s being worked on :sunglasses:
a keyboard shortcut to hide the timeline (when not occasionally scrubbing through something with keyframes) would be great.

Yes please. Especially the main timeline… which should be ‘lockable’ on, and off the space bar IMO.

That would be a good incentive to make component timelines more usable.


I do this on every project I work on.



@harveymoon in 2020.26630 that leaves a big black bar at the bottom of the screen, so it still takes up the same screen space?

have not solved that yet, any tips?

In case anyone is still interested in this, I found a solid solution. I created a custom keyboard shortcut to toggle the timeline, using this CHOP execute code (I have it mapped to ctrl T):

def onOffToOn(channel, sampleIndex, val, prev):
	if (op("/ui/dialogs/timeline").par.h == 70):
		op("/ui/dialogs/timeline").par.h = 0
		op("/ui/dialogs/timeline").par.h = 70

With the current version this fully hides the timeline instead of showing a black bar (for me at least). I have this shortcut setup in a tox I load in every file