Hire Toronto livestream video


I’m an artist in Toronto looking to hire someone to create the following.

Can someone advise if it’s possible to create a live video trail, and how easy/complex that would be?

Basically, I’d like to use a live video feed (from a camcorder or digital camera with video capability), and get the image to stay on the screen for variable durations (5secs to 30secs). I wouldn’t be recording, rather using the video camera as a live image source. I’d like the video images to overlay themselves. The goal is to project the live video trails.

Thank you,

Yes this is doable using a variety of approaches, caching images and re-compositing them or using the Time Machine TOP are two possible methods. One thing to decide is how the images get added to each other and do you pull a key/alpha or blend full frame.

Thank you so much, everyone! Unfortunately, I found out I don’t have a good enough graphics card and enough RAM. I will revisit TouchDesigner once I upgrade my system.


What are your PC’s specs?
TD ise very scalable and can handle many effects even on slow machines…