Hokuyo Tracking problem

Hi TDers, I am in the middle of an interactive project which is a set up of hokuyo sensors.

I did the installation with a simple test of 1 sensor, which attached a simple effect following human footprints. However, the interactive effect is moving in quite odd directions (attached image describes the scenario).

The interactive plane is unfortunately not flat, which also takes a slope of about 3-4 degrees and I have to rotate the sensor accordingly but the problem is not fixed. Has anyone experienced this problem or can suggest any solution to work this around? Many thanks!!!

I haven’t encountered this problem before but it sounds like something could be faulty with the device.

To accommodate for the slope in TouchDesigner you could use a Transform CHOP to rotate the Hokuyo CHOP points using your estimated 3-4 degrees. The Hokuyo CHOP will need to be in cartesian coordinates in this case.