Hold CHOP Only Triggers When Inside of Container

Hi everyone,

So I’ve a fairly large project that I’ve been working on, and essentially what I’ve got happening is a user selects 3 coordinate positions (XYZ) and then hits a “capture” button. The capture button pushes those 3 coordinate values to a table that becomes instanced spheres. What I’m finding is happening is that the code works, but only when I’m inside the container that houses that part of the network. I’ve also tried this in perform mode, in case that is helpful. Not sure what the issue is, and I could be missing something simple in this huge network, but I just wanted to see if there was any input from others.

Here’s a video of what happens.

Thanks all!

TLDR; My quick guess is this will be solved if on op("null9") in your video, you set parameter Cook Type to "always".

Long explanation: TD is a pull-based system, meaning nodes only cook if nodes downstream ask for their data, or if you are looking at the node in network editor (because in that case you are asking for the node’s data). Read this page, especially the order of cooking paragraph:

Thank you! I checked the hold CHOP for something about continuous cooking, but not the null and that did the trick. Thanks again.