Hotkeys for traversing network history

One of the biggest timesaving features I’ve found for myself is mapping the forward and backward buttons on my Logitech mouse to traverse forwards and backwards through my network history. Its become so fundamental to my workflow that i get annoyed using TD on other people’s computers.

There’s no native way to do this to my knowledge; I ended up mapping alt.left and alt.right to my mouse, then mapping that to click on the UI buttons at the top of the interface, so its several levels of hacky. I think this would be a really useful feature for anyone that needs to jump around networks, and because forward and previous are commands recognized when navigating in windows explorer or in a browser, probably something that will come intuitively for a lot of users.

I’d like to ask for a ui class method for next and previous network in pane, and to consider making alt.left and alt.right hotkeys standard by default, conforming with modern operating systems and browser standards which use the same by default for forward and backward navigation

Adding to RFEs

hmm alt+left/right does traverse the history for me by default. By the way you can run the tscripts navhistory back and navhistory forward for a slightly less hacky way.

so it does… my bad for missing that, I think I missed that when looking for a pythonic approach, which is still something that should exist, as maintaining both a python and Tscript key macros workflow seems like unnecessary friction, but good find… I can work with that in the mean time