Houdini Engine

Has the Derivative team given any thought to Houdini Engine? There is a great video on SideFX.com showing how it integrates with Unity. If you could work your geo in Houdini and keep a live connection open with Houdini to refine it until you are done, that would be a fantastic workflow and would give SOPS a bit of well deserved love…

I agree that SOPs need a little love. SOPs are one of the most significant things that separate Touch from othe ‘VJ tools’ out there but they are largely what they were ten years ago.

It would be great to hear a bit about your plans for the future of SOPs. I had imagined something that would be GPU-based in the realm of geometry shaders, much like the transition from COPs to TOPs.


That would be fantastic!

Any comments on this by derivative?
I personally nearly never import 3d objects (only for mapping stuff). I find it one of the greatest things about TD that we can work on geometry in a procedural way.
SOPs are the greatest thing! (Although I understand maybe 3/4 of them…)
Some care for them would be awesome. Also I nearly never find good tutorials on them, or on working procedural with 3d in general.

Big bump up,
It will be WIN WIN situation for the world :slight_smile:

Oh hell yes! +1 from me :slight_smile:

Looks like Cinema4d just implemented their hooks to the Houdini Engine
maxon.net/en/news/press-rele … tware.html

An Houdini Engine SOP Node will be so fantastic !


No question. Hopefully we’ll hear Derivative’s thoughts on this


And +1 voor using multiple cores on 1 process or geo calculations through gpu :slight_smile:

That’s a must have


could be very useful… but… i don’t know how is simply for a company merge the things of another company…

Houdini or not in my opinion, but i suppose that all the developers of td know it…, the next step for a big revision of td is the step in direction of a fully gpu management…

there’s a very important fact, with the new cuda 6 there’s a very huge boost, because there’s a Unified Memory programming, and multi gpu scaling…


Its not only about technology…
Houdini plugin will attract more users from the same environment methodology,
it will expand the potential users and features bank, direct and indirect.


Also wish there was a grasshopper engine :wink:

And, instead of hijacking this thread

now that the C++ SOP is pretty decent, going to revive this thread to see if we can finally get Houdini engine support on the roadmap at least. It would definitely bring TouchDesigner into wider use for VFX + compositing pipelines.

SOPs on GPU is so a crucial element nowadays. SOPs (or similar ?) really deserve some more love from Derivative. Notch for example is pretty new but far ahead in this regard and i feel like it will attract a lot of TDers


it is a good idea, because houdini is the king in SOP
Houdini engine can works like Substance TOP : Feed information , let take the time to compute… and use it in realtime time with Touch feature.

Because Houdini engine is generally use in real time (unity en unreal) to build level (road, batiment, props…), after compiling the game HoudiniEngine isn’t solicitate.

With Touch the Houdini engine can be use during interaction, not in realtime of course because it is to heavy, but it can generate complexe model that Touch can manipulate.

This would be great.